The FAQ page answers some of the most frequently asked questions from the MegaMoon community. Who is the team?

MegaMoon team consists of notably professional developers who have charismatic reputations not simply within the development area but additionally within the marketing and management area as well.

What makes you stand out from the other Lottery platform?

MegaMoon has 4 unique functions. - Highest Winning Chances - Dealer System - Immense Total Prizes - Most Transparent

Will be more games?

MegaMoon new games will be released following MegaMoon.

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Is MegaMoon audited?

We've been audited by CertiK.

How does MegaMoon randomize the number?

MegaMoon is using Chainlink VRF to randomize the number, Even the developer and the platform won't know the number outcome. for more detail via the link below.

What's MegaMoon Lottery RTP(Return to Player)?

MegaMoon's RTP is around 95%, the highest RTP compared to other lottery platforms.

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