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Get the best out of your crypto with MegaMoon -> Win / Earn / Trade.


Making money can be exciting and fair. MegaMoon created a decentralized lottery platform. The agreement between the lottery and the player is written in a self-executing contract.


The golden opportunity for you to earn up to Millions of dollars in the MegaMoon Lottery. Join as many players or buy as many tickets as possible to win the biggest prize!


MOON can be earned for free with a high rate of interest.

Earn MOON with Farms

You can easily earn MOON by staking LP tokens. You take on a little exposure to market fluctuations, but you can offset the risk by earning a higher APR. The more tokens you stake, the higher profit you get.


Farming is not enough? You can be a dealer to earn a lot more!


Swap crypto tokens right away with no registration needed.

Why MegaMoon?

MegaMoon is the leading decentralized lottery on the Polygon Chain, with the highest volumes in the market.

Low fees

High-rate fees are unnecessary. MegaMoon runs on Polygon Chain, where the transaction costs are a lot lower than on other famous blockchains like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, trading fees are also lower than other top decentralized exchanges, so that's a double benefit for you!

Is MegaMoon safe?

  • Security audit reports

  • Transparent

    • All functional features are written in Smart Contracts. All of them are verified on https://polygonscan.com/, so what you see is what you get.

  • Security Best Practices

    • Use multisignature for all contracts.

    • Our Smart Contract Timelocks make your mind peaceful.

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