For the convenience of MegaMoon lottery players, we added an auto buy function for regular players who want to buy MegaMoon lottery tickets every round but don't want to buy every round, so the auto-buy system comes in to help this problems. MegaMoon lottery players can specify the number of every ticket they want to buy and then click to buy automatically with the specified amount.

MegaMoon Autobuy is in player function and please make sure you have enough USDT in your MegaMoon Wallet. There are very simple steps on how to use autobuy.

  1. Click on the "Set Tickets" button.

  2. Set the amount of tickets you want to buy, as well as the number of rounds

  3. Click Set Tickets to finish your settings, or click View/Edit Numbers to edit the number of tickets you want to buy.

  4. Click Set Tickets.

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