🎁 Referral Program

Share to earn

MegaMoon will release referral links to reward users and ambassadors of MegaMoon, via smart-contracts!

How participate

  1. Create refferal link by submit request form or buy more than 100 lottery tickets

  2. Share link with your friends or community. Each visiting your Referral link will be enrolled if they bet for the first time, even if it's on their future visits.

  3. Earn every time they play.

  4. Claim your reward.


  • The referral program is a system that gives an incentive for anyone to drive new users to buy lottery tickets. The referrer (existing user) will receive the referral bonus in return (30% of platform fees after 5.5 % fee deduction from the total lottery sold).

  • You can only be paid at the Wallet Address defined under the User Account.

  • All commission fees will be paid automatically by smart contract, without any human involvement in the process.

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